Day to day I exist within this triangle of privilege, fuelled by an expensive caffeine habit and a penchant for lululemon activewear:



I like to break free every now and then; exploring, travelling and planning new adventures are my very favourite things to do! I've visited 36 countries on this beautiful planet of ours and I'm aiming to make that 40 before I turn the big 4-0.

I took up running two years ago, having never run a mile in my life. Since then, I've taken part in 10km races, several half marathons (including the Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon in Sweden) and finally ticked the 'run a marathon' box off my bucket list in April 2018 when I successfully completed the Paris Marathon. I'm about to start the training cycle over again, as in December 2018 I will be running the Valencia Marathon in Spain.

I have spent the past decade battling with my mental health; I have bipolar disorder, OCD and anxiety. I am very open about the effects of these diagnoses on my day-to-day life, but in conjunction with a structured medication regime, I like to show how you can thrive in spite of mental illness.

Now, on a lighter note: If I could describe myself it would be as a thirty-something, wanderlusting, trainer-obsessed, introverted, perpetually late, somewhat frazzled mama of three who is rarely seen without a coffee in hand.

Of course, we never see ourselves in the same light as other people do. I can list flaws as long as my arm, but my strengths? Hmmm.

Sooooooo instead I asked my husband to provide a character reference...

"You are one fine woman. Never have I met anyone as passionate, emotional, strong, fanatical, fierce, energetic, spirited, heartfelt, all-consuming, loving, 'wear your heart on your sleeve' kind of girl. I wouldn't change you for all the tea in China!"

So there you have it. I'm a nice person, really.

Welcome to my world!

Carly xo


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