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Autumn {Style}

Autumn {Style}


Ah, Autumn.  My most favourite season of them all.

Controversial, but I'm not the greatest fan of summer.  I get hot, bothered and I just never know what to wear.  Autumn is definitely my jam and from mid-September onwards you will find me tapping my feet impatiently waiting for the temperatures to drop a little (not too much, mind!) so I can finally pack away the vest tops and sandals and embrace tights, light knits and long sleeves instead.


I thought I'd share with you some purchases I've recently made to update my AW17 wardrobe. I've eschewed classical autumnal tones like mustard and bottle green here and largely stuck to my perennial colour palette of monochrome.

Something about wearing black, white, navy and fifty shades of grey just works for me; I find interest in the detailing, the cut, the layering of different materials and textures.  For the most part, I find pattern and bold, block colours too noisy for me (although I always admire them on other people!) so the purchase of a pillar box red coat was a very big deal indeed.

Dip Dye Jumper

Levi's 501 CT Jeans

Adidas Stan Smith


In this season I am always drawn to comfort over anything else.  Ahhhh, who am I kidding?  I'm always seeking comfort!

Coat: Primark (instore)

Levi's 501 CT Jeans

Studded Boots

Striped Marl Tee

In fact, in the interest of full disclosure I feel I should point out that at least 3/7 days I can be found in some form of activewear and trainers, irrespective of whether I am doing something particularly active or not.

Dip Dye Jumper

Pleather Skirt

Glitter Ankle Socks

Studded Boots

Now with that confession out of the way with, I still maintain that comfort is key.  The way to achieve that as the cooler months roll in is via layering.  Layering is key, people. Just keep adding those fine layers until you reach that sweet point of being just right.

How do the chic Scandinavians cope with their colder weather?  Waddle around like sumo wrestlers in snowsuits? No.  Plenty of fine layers that are easy to pull off again once you reach that place of warmth.  Everybody aspires to be sensibly dressed outdoors, but it is no good if you end up sweating your tits off as soon as you step foot indoors. Add layers, not bulk.

The warm air is trapped in between the layers keeping you nice and toasty without you looking like a Michelin man.

You're welcome.

Spotted Tassel Dress


Denim Jacket

Back to my own wardrobe.  I worked out quickly that from these items alone I could make seven unique outfits.  One for every day of the week! Quite the capsule wardrobe, eh?  Of course, it can be stretched by incorporating the other items of clothing and accessories in my possession.  But each outfit I've created here perfectly matches my lifestyle, too. Weekend casual, school runs, evening drinks, coffee dates - I think I've got all bases covered.

What do you think?

Carly xo

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