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Running the Paris Marathon

Forget hop-on-hop-off bus tours. What’s the best way to see a city? To run it, of course!

After a year of planning and months of training, I ran my first marathon in Paris on April 8th 2018. It was an exhilarating adventure, culminating in the best race I could have ever have wished for.

Here is my race recap of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris; something I wanted to do to ‘tick off the bucket list’, but has in fact ignited a passion for endurance running.

The Hardest Part Is Getting Started

Too often, we say NO to opportunities that come our way. Nestled in our comfort zone, cocooned in our safe place, life can pass us by without us giving it a second’s thought.

But what happens if we say YES, and push ourselves?

I’m sharing how I overcame my anxiety of group fitness classes and how it has inspired me to say YES more often, nudging me to try experiences that I would usually talk myself out of…

Marathon Training: Onset of Maranoia

Running a marathon for the first time in a couple of weeks? Have mad anxiety about the most inconsequential things? Paranoid about finishing? Wondering if you've done enough? 

It's probably maranoia (marathon paranoia), and it is perfectly normal after all the hard months of training!

Marathon Training: Month 2

When I spoke to you last month about signing up to run the Paris Marathon, I didn't mention that I wasn't doing it alone.

Before signing up and committing, I asked James if he would like to do it with me. His response? "No thanks, Carly. Marathon running doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. I'll come along and support you and wait at the finish for you."

Fair enough, hey? I think he had romantic notions of sitting in a pavement cafe in Le Marais watching the world go by, sipping café au lait and eating a pain au chocolat, whilst I slogged my guts out running 26.2 miles.

Marathon Training Is A Go!

Number 2 on my bucket list is to run a marathon before I'm 40.

Number 1 is to visit St Petersburg and go back to Moscow again. Number 1 actually seems far more achievable than Number 2, but then common sense and logic has never been my forte.

I figured if I am only going to run one marathon in my life then I would like it to be spectacular. Scenic. An adventure. More than simply popping out for five hours or so on a Sunday to do a long run (am I being optimistic on my time here...?) then cracking on with the roast afterwards. I want to soak up the atmosphere beforehand and bask in the glory afterwards, albeit battered and broken no doubt.

People try for years and years to be successful in the London Marathon ballot so that was out of the question and I wanted to go somewhere where I would at least be somewhat distracted by the surroundings whilst running 26.2 miles.

So you think you can't run?

You can.

You absolutely can.

I spent 34 years believing I wasn't ableto run and here I am training for a marathon.

If I can do it, anybody can.

Because after all, the body achieves what the mind believes.

And if you tell yourself you CAN do it, then trust me you WILL.