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Blogging Adventures // Three Months

My blog has survived three months of life.

Or, rather, you have survived three months of my ramblings.

That's quite a feat!

If you've followed from the beginning, you'll know I was unsure about whether I was doing the right thing.

Who would read it? Why would they be interested in what I have to say?

But read it, they did.

The Purse Chronicles

I was 16 when I gained my first paid employment: a Saturday job at Moss Bros flogging YSL and Balmain suits to middle-aged men for £2.50 an hour and 0.5% commission. My velcro-tabbed Kickers wallet I’d had since my early teens didn’t befit this new status I’d acquired, as an employee, and so with my very first pay packet I ventured to Next in search of a new, grown-up receptacle of my hard-earned pennies. 

Musings of a Millennial

My Dad and I often have playful banter about the generation divide.

He's a baby boomer; I'm a millennial. We lambast his generation for Brexit, unaffordable housing and pushing up the pension age. They label us 'snowflakes': lazy, entitled and oversensitive.

He came to visit recently and after an eggnog latte at 'Snowbucks' as he likes to call it, we went for a bimble around Waterstones and stumbled upon this treasure that had us literally guffawing in the aisles.

Just be a nice human, okay?

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Why do we ask children this?  Why do we define "be" in terms of a job or status {noun}, instead of asking them what kind of person they would like to be when they grow up {adjective}?

To blog, or not to blog?

That is indeed the question.

For a long time starting my own blog seemed quite like a self-indulgent vanity project. Who would read it? Would I be consistent with it? Why would anybody care what I have to say?

I really am my own worst enemy.