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February {Loves}

February {Loves}

February Café Art

We had an unashamedly quiet February and I was more than happy to take advantage of the rest this month offered. January was pretty much a whirlwind, which you can read about here, if you're so inclined :)

We kicked off the month by celebrating my wonderful Dad's birthday; I made a mean roast beef Sunday dinner and baked a classic Victoria sponge, ably assisted by my little helper, Sophia. We had a delicious brunch out the following day and took Sophia to the park whilst the bigger two were at school - a really lovely, chilled time.

February 2018 Sophia

Sophia was invited to the first birthday party of a child we don't know this month, which she was beyond excited for. Her little friend from preschool was turning four and invited her along to enjoy the celebrations. It's such a rite of passage - that moment when you realise your child has friends they have chosen for themselves, instead of the friends you have carefully selected for them (usually by virtue of being friends with their parents). Watching her play with her little chums at the party was a real moment of pride and made me feel more at peace with her starting Big School in September. 

At the other end of the scale, Freya is now of an age where not only does she choose her own friends but makes her own social arrangements, too! I clocked up some miles in the MamaBus over half term delivering her to the cinema, sleepovers, trips to town and more! We had a couple of her friends over to stay and it was quite liberating to feel that you are no longer required to provide entertainment once they reach secondary school - plenty of food, drink and a strong wifi signal are all it takes to guarantee a successful sleepover, it would seem!

Reuben at Starbucks

Reuben was celebrating success this month. He was so proud to have achieved "free reading" at school! He has developed a real love of reading over the years and is able to devour a book in just a couple of evenings. He was becoming quite frustrated as the books he had to bring home and read from school just didn't interest him any longer. Nevertheless, he had to work his way through the bands of reading and evidence his progress before he was finally allowed free reign over the school library. Now he is able to choose his own books to bring home and read with us - hooray!

February snowdrops Lincoln

Lincoln was showcasing its Japan Festival a couple of weeks ago, so James and I took the two younger ones to see a small production called "The Little Mochi Man". It was a really sweet Japanese tale of a sticky rice ball going on an adventure and collecting mementos along the way. We had some time to kill after dropping Freya off with her friends and the show starting, so we headed to the Golden Arches for some lunch. James was shocked that I have reached the ripe old age of 36 without having ever tried a Big Mac, so I dipped my toe in the water by trying out one of their Mac Jr burgers (didn't want to overcommit, did I?!). 

Yeah, won't be doing that again in a hurry. I'll be sticking to my nice coffee and artisan cakes and sandwiches in the future, thank you very much! ;)

The Little Mochi Man

Another thing to mention that I was disappointed in this month was... controversially... The Greatest Showman. I mean, it was OKAY, but I just didn't love it! It had a good soundtrack, but perhaps I was expecting too much after allllllllllll the hype? It's only the second film I've been to see alone (La La Land was the first) and I've got to say, I didn't think it was a patch on La La Land.

Don't hate me! ;)

February ticked along gently and now we are building pace ready for a busy few months ahead. I estimate that most of March will be consumed with running for me, after all the Paris Marathon is only a month away now - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!! At least this means I can eat allllll the chocolate guilt-free when Easter rolls around at the end of the month, hey? (Not that I've ever needed an excuse!).

Here's to March, and hopefully the start of spring! 

Carly xo




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