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Musings of a Millennial

Musings of a Millennial


My Dad and I often have playful banter about the generation divide.

He's a baby boomer; I'm a millennial. We lambast his generation for Brexit, unaffordable housing and pushing up the pension age. They label us 'snowflakes': lazy, entitled and oversensitive.

He came to visit recently and after an eggnog latte at 'Snowbucks' as he likes to call it, we went for a bimble around Waterstones and stumbled upon this treasure that had us literally guffawing in the aisles.


It's a tongue-in-cheek anthology chronicling the thoughts and #firstworldproblems of millennials captured on social media (where else?!).

I thought I'd share with you some gems that we found particularly funny, but honestly I recommend that you buy the book to appreciate it in its full glory!

M I L L E N N I A L S  O N   # F O O D :


M I L L E N N I A L S  O N  # S O C I A L :


M I L L E N N I A L S  O N  # F I N D I N G L O V E :


M I L L E N N I A L S  O N  # W E R K W E R K W E R K :


Honestly, there is much more where they came from!

The stereotype of an avocado-eating, pug-worshipping, kombucha-drinking, selfie-loving millennial is divisive. There's no doubt about that. But surely it's always been the done thing for older generations to grumble about 'the youth of today' and for the younger generations to roll their eyes at wistful elders talking about 'the good old days'?


I read an interesting piece earlier this year by David Barnett in the Independent. He observed that "Boomers live in the past and have ransomed the future. Millennials fear the future and are ignorant of the past." And the generation stuck in the middle of us both, Generation X, are apparently just quietly plodding along, minding their own business and getting sh*t done. Probably having a chuckle at the petty squabbling going down between their generational next door neighbours. It does make you wonder what the upcoming generation Z {of which my own children are members} will be noted for. They will be digital natives; the first generation to be born with smartphones, wifi and Amazon Prime.

I'm sure memes and gifs will be passé by the time these young Sharples cubs become bears, but I have no doubt that whatever they are replaced with will be used to gently poke fun at the older generations, which will sadly by then include us millennials. We will say things like "in our day, you had to actually put dishes in the dishwasher and switch it on yourself!" or reminisce about our extensive DVD collection and the days before chip and pin. They will sigh with exasperation that they have it so hard and we just don't get it! Because that's the way it goes, isn't it? The 'youth of today', from every generation, have always been portrayed as self-absorbed.

And in twenty years time I may well be buying my own daughters or son a tongue-in-cheek book (in whatever guise and format that could be!) filled with mocking anecdotes of post-millennial existence.

Just after I've visited Snowbucks to buy an overpriced coffee first, of course...

Carly xo

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