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Tackling Imposter Syndrome

I was in two minds whether to post this.

What qualifies me to talk about imposter syndrome?

What if people see through me and realise I'm talking out of my arse?

Oh, the irony. Have you ever felt like a fraud? That you are just one step away from being "caught"? That you are not worthy of celebrating your achievements?

Just be a nice human, okay?

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Why do we ask children this?  Why do we define "be" in terms of a job or status {noun}, instead of asking them what kind of person they would like to be when they grow up {adjective}?

To blog, or not to blog?

That is indeed the question.

For a long time starting my own blog seemed quite like a self-indulgent vanity project. Who would read it? Would I be consistent with it? Why would anybody care what I have to say?

I really am my own worst enemy.