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To blog, or not to blog?

To blog, or not to blog?

That is indeed the question.

For a long time starting my own blog seemed quite like a self-indulgent vanity project. Who would read it? Would I be consistent with it? Why would anybody care what I have to say?

I really am my own worst enemy.

I've provided content and ghostwritten many, many blogposts for businesses and individuals over the years. I've become adept at writing in a cornucopia of styles, tones and voices to suit the intended audience, yet publishing with my own name and face has just seemed pretty daunting.

Until now, that is.

Thinking logically, what is the worst that can happen when you start a blog?!

Nobody reads it? Well, in that case it will at least serve as a lovely aide-memoire in years to come as my children grow up and my 'Mummy' role further evolves.


People don't like what you have written? No doubt they'll then scroll on by and won't give you, or your writing, another second's thought. So there's not much point in dwelling on that, is there?

If somebody goes out of their way to leave feedback, then I must learn to accept that it may not always be constructive.  I'll just need to remind myself that if I have written something that generates an opinion then it was definitely worth sharing in the first place. After all, (healthy) debate is good.

I'm going to write first and foremost for myself. About my interests and what makes me happy, covering (not exclusively):

  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Parenting
  • Fashion
  • Design and interiors
  • Fitness
  • Coffee (obvs!) and food.

I'm aiming for a lighthearted and fluffy tone, but I also want to share "real" pieces that have some substance and grounding to them and are relevant to other people just like me: women flying by the seat of their pants most days, trying to make the best of everything and feeling grateful for what they already have in abundance.

It's so hard not to come across all smug and pretentious when a scroll through your Instagram feed makes your life look like an endless whirlwind of fancy coffee and artisan sourdough (these are my true loves, though! Caffeine + carbs = 😍). I have a real life, with very real struggles (who doesn't?!) and if I can combine the two strands in my writing without:

  • (a) creating a pity party
  • (b) boring people to death
  • (c) crossing the oversharing line

... then I figured that it might actually be quite readable?!

I'll give it a whirl.

Carly xo

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